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About Our Team

Learn from yesterday,
engineer for tomorrow,
plan for the future.

With over 500+ years of combined aviation planning and engineering consulting experience, we are Canada's largest dedicated aviation consulting team. Your vision is our mission - let's soar together!


Connecting communities to the world, from the ground up.

Our Values

Avia NG is Canada's leader in aviation consulting services. Our firm is employee owned and we are powered by our mutual success. We stand by our  values and we live them every day, on every project and for every client. 

  • Knowledge | Cultivate expertise


  • Excellence | Go beyond the status quo


  • Passion | Fueled by passion


  • Trust | Build trust, it matters


  • Care | Go the extra mile


  • Respect | Respect is not optional


  • Family  | We have your back

We strive to be Canada's most trusted and inspiring aviation consultancy, with our growing global reputation and reach. We're making the world a little bit smaller everyday; connect with us today and lets get your next project ready for take-off.

Meet Our Team

The Avia NG team boasts a wealth of experience, with over 500 years of combined aviation planning, design, and construction knowledge in Canada and abroad. We possess an unparalleled understanding of the complexities of the aviation industry, including airport and heliport operations. Coupled with our industry-leading design and construction expertise, we offer innovative, practical, and comprehensive solutions for today and tomorrow.


Meet the dedicated professionals behind our success and discover the passion and expertise that drive our work every day.

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